Mobile Banking Adoption

Mobile Banking Adoption

Merchant Mobile Payments for easy cashless transactions

Expand your Network

Expand your Network

Shared Agent Banking gives banks and their customers access to thousands of kiosks

Developers Playground

Developers Playground

Sandbox environment with access to banking and telco APIs to develop apps

Digital PayGo provide interoperability between banks that empowers people and drives mobile transactions

Merchant Mobile Payments

Receive mobile payments seamlessly from your customers

Shared Agency

Access to banking facilities from thousands of kiosks

Online Payment

Complete online payment solution for corporates, merchants and individuals

Virtual Farmers

Just like eBay for farmers to buy & sell produce online

Saving Platform

Encouraging kids' financial literacy by saving for rewards

Developers Secure Sandbox

Access to banking APIs for developers to come up with the next big idea

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For Financial Institutions and Mobile Operators

Online Banking Adoption

Ubiquitous solution that can be used by anyone. Brand association with mobile payments with simplicity that removes any perceived barriers.

More Channels to Market

Access to a network of thousands of shared agents and merchants allows geographic spread, digital channels to market, and alternative ways to upsell and cross sell.

Cost Reduction

Shared services with a usage-based model. Integration without the in-house development costs. Allows the fulfilment of branch strategy by encouraging alternative ways for customers to bank.

Customer Acquisition

Instant customer acquisitions from agents, SMEs wanting to become agents, and merchants (micro & traditional) as customers.

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Why Digital Paygo?

Financial Advantage

Revenue on every transaction, and cost effective for banks & mobile operators to plug the code into their apps.

Easy Regulatory Compliance

The complex regulatory integration requirements that plague much of digital and financial innovation in Zambia are handled by us, so you can focus on growing your business.


An ecosystem of over 50,000 merchants & 10,000 agents from the founding partners.


Secure IT infrastructure with world-class technology partnerships and PCI/DSS compliance.

Reliable & Credible

Digital PayGo is a financially stable fintech with an industry recognised board.

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